There is currently a problem with the cloudlist an the news feed due to a url/domain redirect problem from the old url.

Until this is fixed or a new version is released, please manually change the cloudlist to “” and the news feed in the settings to “”

Update: fixed

This website will move to a new server and a new domain during the next days. The new address will beย

This will also include the open cloud server. You will need to update your cloud list URL toยย or download the upcoming new XBSlink version.


Done! XBSlink successfully moved to its new home. ๐Ÿ™‚

Alright, i am back and brought a little present.

XBSlink v0.9.6.0 is available for download.


  • SharpPcap library updated to 4.2
  • PAcketDotNet liberary updated to 0.13
  • several bugs fixed, THANK YOU ALL FOR THE FEEDBACK
  • cloudlist server v1.9 ready for download
  • WinPCap v4.1.3 added to windowss installer
  • added NEWS tab
  • added node info