Actually i wanted to release the new XBSlink version once the PS3 compatibility mode is fully functional, but since there are many fixes helping all users, here is XBSlink v0.9.4.0.

The overall stability greatly improved, thanks for the bug reports! 🙂 The PS3 compat mode is disabled for now because its not done yet. NAT is working perfectly, but it does not help with PS3 gaming.

PS3 users: no need to enter your PS3 MAC address into the “always forward” list anymore! XBSlink will recognize a PS3 in standard settings, just like with an Xbox360 console.

XBSlink settings will now be saved in a standard way for .NET applications. The settings will be reset to default values, please check your settings!

Check out the full changelog after the break.


  • added NAT feature for incoming packets
  • improved PS3 compatibility
  • SharpPcap library updated to 3.6.0
  • Packet.NET library updated to
  • added statistics for every xbs_node (internal)
  • added filter for well-know ports in sniffer
  • removed STUN lib, not needed anymore
  • added filter for gateway IP in sniffer
  • capture device filter creation fixed
  • reduced GUI tab paint events to active tab
  • added fallback filter for capture device on error
  • added tray error pop-up message
  • new settings option for info on new/leaving nodes
  • added pop-up message for NAT list overflow
  • added TYPE and SENDER to all internal messages
  • Windows installer updated to skip WinPcap lib if already installed
  • fixed bug “purging nodes from main nodeListView”
  • cleaned up SharpPcap device list query
  • node list performance fix
  • fixed bug: announce button enabled after enginge stopped
  • main window now resizable
  • switched from registry to AppSettings to save settings
  • updated start behavior if no capture device is found
  • cleaned up UDP code
  • removed “advanced forwarding of broadcasts”
  • many small fixes (thx for the bug reports!) … see github commit messages